Our firm prepares Schedule D and Form 8949 pages for active traders as a service.  For Mark-To-Market trading entities we prepare the Form 4797 pages and the required matched trade detail. We handle the task as a service making the entire process as painless as possible.

The turnaround is quick (almost always within 24 hours) and the cost is less than the cost of purchasing standalone software to handle this yourself. We have years of experience (since 1999) handling this process and have generated thousands of reports.

We have also helped many traders resolve IRS claims for years in which they originally filed no Schedule D and the IRS was claiming the entire sales side proceeds as capital gains.   No matter what your situation, we can probably help you.  This year we successfully assisted a high frequency trading firm with more than 1,150,000 lines of trade transactions. We also have assisted clients with only a few dozen transactions.  We invite you to give us a call if you have any questions regarding your own circumstances.

Some of the benefits and features we provide:

  • Your reports are completed by professionals familiar with the reporting requirements and recent changes.
  • Your items are reconciled against the 1099 reports and any variances are identified and explained.
  • We can generate explanatory notes for the filing when there are variances in keeping with proper IRS regulatory requirements. To date, since 1999, our reports have never been questioned by the IRS.
  • There is no software to learn and no “baskets” of transaction numbers to purchase. We handle the entire matter at a fixed flat fee without regard to the number of trade transactions involved.
  • Where appropriate we offer our own signature page to be filed with the complete return as the Addendum To Jurat.


If you have any questions or need assistance, simply contact us by phone or email as follows:

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