Our firm philosophy has always been to make our service a “no risk” experience for our clients. We handle the your matter at a fixed price no matter how many transactions you have. There are no worries about the number of transactions where you have to buy a certain “basket” of transactions, nor are there any hourly time charges that apply.

Our stated price is $99.95 for any single account for a single tax year. If you have a second account for the same tax payer, we will include that account at the same price, so we will actually handle two accounts for the same taxpayer same tax year for $99.95. In addition, we do indeed actually discount from our price if your matter is truly not complex and we try to offer discounts for our return customers where at all possible. So for some cases which are simple, the price can be substantially lower than $99.95, but we cannot assess that without your actual materials in hand as often the main difficulty is locating and reconciling differences with the 1099 reported figures.

There is no payment required until we have completed and returned your result files at which time we also include a payment link for online payment. Our payment processor is PayPal, but all major credit cards are accepted with the exception of American Express.

If you have more than two accounts for the same taxpayer and same tax year we discount substantially for each account over two.

If you have any questions or need assistance, simply contact us by phone or email as follows: